What Is Wired Yarn?

If you’ve found yourself here, reading this, then you are most likely wondering what the heck Sandy and Rick are doing now?
You’re thinking, “those two crazies plug my Twitter feed with their geekdom all the time. Now they want to fill the blogosphere with their mayhem?”
Um…Yeah! That’s it exactly.

We have had so much fun sharing coffee on random weekday mornings, talking about such things as NCIS, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Trek,  (this list really goes on and on). Often you’ll see Sandy pull out her latest knitting project (Rick has on occasion as well). There’s always a cell phone or two involved (for tweeting, of course). Usually, the Nooks come out.

Yes, we’ve decided to share this fun with all of you. There’s just too much of it to keep to ourselves. We want to take our love (read – obsession) with our geekdoms and show you how our minds warp… er… translate, that into yarn and craft projects.

Did you see that scarf in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie? So did we, and we are on the hunt to create it ourselves.  Do you love the sweater that Sally wears in Being Human? Yeah, that’s our newest search to find how to do it as well! You get the idea.

As you see, there’s more to our morning coffee mayhem than just Tweets. Stay tuned for the mayhem to ensue.


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