Eyecatching Knitting

When I was in the throes of Christmas knitting, my youngest son, who I refer to online as DS3 (I’m sure you’ll figure out the pattern as we move along), asked me if I could make this hat for him.

These hats are a hit. Picture from www.thelifeaquatic.org/

Team Zissou in action

Like a good mom I said, yes. I mean it’s a hat, right? How long could it take?

He wanted six. Six hats from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

His brother, DS2 (you picking up on the pattern yet?), wanted one too. Make that seven, but now I was committed. I set aside my Christmas knitting for 7 hats for poor college boys.

Stack of hats

Stack of hats

Since then, I keep running into this hat. First it was this Allstate Commercial:

and then it was this video of Murray Gold playing his theme, “I am the Doctor.”

Okay, so Murray’s has a pom-pom, but it’s basically the same look. Life Aquatic might be an 8 year old film, but the look is catching on.


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