Knitting My Own Scarf of Doom

Williamette2.21.12.jpgWhen Deadly Knitshade blogged “Knitting the Scarf of Doom.” I thought she was writing about my current project. After thinking about doing a KAL for years, I signed up for StarAthena’s Stumptown Knits KAL and was excited to download the first project, January’s project, the Willamette Scarf. I loved the look of the herringbone knit and, after being bested by the linen stitch last Christmas, I was determined to learn it.

Did I mention that this is January’s KAL project? *looks at the calendar*

I have frogged this scarf more than any other project that I didn’t ultimately abandon. The first couple of times it was the linen stitch. Once I finally got it, it was time to switch to herringbone. I frogged that after realizing all the stitches angled the same way. After that, I set it aside to work on my January Granddaughter Project and promptly forgot how the increase worked. That one alone was an 8 inch rip. I’m past the halfway point. I think I may have it done in time for… the March KAL.

Oh, and if you’ve missed the real Scarfgate or Scarf of Doom story, check it out on Whodunnknit. If you’d like to knit your own scarf of doom, there is a great thread Scarf of Doom KAL thread on Ravelry.


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