How Tuesday – Starting Your Chain

When picking up the crochet hooks again, after many years, one of the hardest thing for me to relearn was how to start the initial loop to start my chain. I attempted intricate knots, multiple wrapping of the yarn around the hook, etc. I knew it just had to be easier.

One day the end of the string was just laying on the table in such a way that a new way to start the chain struck me. (I have since learned that this is a common way).

Hopefully my sharing this little trick will save you some time and frustration –

Step 1 – Make a loop in the end of your yarn –

Step 2 – Bring the end of the yarn back under the loop you just created –

Step 3 – Put your crochet hook through the loop, yet under the center string

Step 4 – Grab both the end of the yarn and the main string of the yarn and pull the loop tight around your hook. (Note – this will create a slip knot. If you take the hook out and pull, the knot will come out)

Now you know!


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