How A Sweater Becomes A Distraction

I started watching the US version of Being Human on the SyFy network about the same time I took crocheting back up.

My enjoyment of this show about three roommates in Boston, one a vampire, one a werewolf and the third, Sally, a ghost, took on a whole new level (let’s quietly call it an obsession) when I decided I would figure out how to crochet Sally’s sweater.

It’s a very casual sweater and looks very comfy and cozy. However, it, thus far in my searches, appears to be one-of-a-kind. I have searched high and low for another like it, even asking various boards (Ravelry is a wonderful thing!) if anyone knew of a pattern. There are several *close* look alikes, but none are the real deal.

So, it has become my latest moral imperative to recreate this sweater. I end up having to watch each new episode of Being Human several times because I will go through an entire scene and realize I’ve not heard a single word of dialogue focusing on the stitches in Sally’s sweater.

Sandy simply says, “You’re hooked.” (pun intended?) or “Yeah, you’ve got it bad.” but, this is a case of exactly why we started this blog.

Combining our love of both fan/geekdoms and yarn.

Stay tuned for updates on Sally’s Sweater.


5 comments on “How A Sweater Becomes A Distraction

  1. I too am on a search to find the pattern for this sweater. In fact I came to your blog because I was looking for a pattern. I hope you Fibd it because it would be cool to make it!

  2. Sally’s Sweater!!!!! I’ve been searching for that thing since the US version aired, and.. No. Such. Luck. Like you, I’ve come close, but close is just not good enough! I’m no craftsperson… like, at all, so there may be a small niche of us who would pay you to make us a “Sally Sweater”. Who knows, we may be like cockroaches and there’s millions of gals looking for Sally’s dang elusive sweater and you’d make millions, ha. I’ve read online where others were looking for “Annie’s” dang sweater from the UK version, so… add to that you never see the shows (both UK & US version) where the show’s costume & wardrobe people have commented about anything of or relating to The Sweater. You’d think during some interview or press release with the show’s (both) publicists/producers/writers/director’s, there would have been some mention of The Sweater. I’ve been thinking maybe that’s intentional, they want to add to The Sweater’s “mystique”. Maybe they feel The Sweater wouldn’t maintain it’s cool factor if everyone was wearing it. It’s just my Sally’s/Annie’s Sweater conspiracy theory, lol.

    If you make one, be sure & post your pics! Maybe I’ll be begging you to make me one, too. 🙂

    Recent buying options are:

    (AllSaints is the Creme of the Sweater Crop, be sure & check thei Sweater page for sweet ideas)

    Good Luck!

  3. Ha! I GOT THE INFO…. You may just be able to get a pattern after all! How much you willing to pay me? LOL! I did a little more research and found the name of the shows wardrobe designer, sent her a quick email about The Sweater, and she was kind enough to reply quickly! Janet Campbell provided the following info on Sally’s Sweater:

    “THE sweater is from a small mother and daughter knitting company based here in Montreal where we film the series.  It is from their 2009/2010 collection.  Here is the link to their site.   I hope you understand a little french.”

    Yay! I sent them an email… Hope I can commission me a Sally Sweater….so excited!

  4. I know it’s been like 3 years since this blog, but did you ever find the pattern? I’m rewatching it on Netflix and 4 episodes in, I’m still obsessed with the sweater! I’m thinking of modifying a pattern I already have.

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