How Tues…er Wednesday: Scrappy Squirrel

You caught me. I forgot to post my How-to yesterday. Considering I knew what I wanted to share, I have no excuse, other than Tuesday is NCIS day. I get very distracted by NCIS.

Last week Rick asked me what to do with scraps after cutting out a pattern. If you’re a crafter you know what I’m talking about.  Nowadays people buy fabric to color coordinate their quilts, but once upon a time, people used the scraps to make quilts. The quilt on the bed in DS3’s room is a scrap quilt that DH’s grandmother pieced. My mother-in-law recognized some of the pieces as we quilted it together.

Scrap quilt

When I hit the Google for some ideas, I ran across this quilt pattern that uses strips rather than squares. Great use for long, narrow pieces left after cutting out a sewing pattern. Fabric scrap banners are also another good use for those. I also found this link with ideas for using fabric scraps. The geek in me loves this idea to cover binder clips. If you wonder why you’d want to use a binder clip for anything other than clipping binders, just look here.

As a knitter, its just as hard to toss bits of yarn as it is for the sewer in me to toss bits of fabric. I’ve used them for:

Once again, hit the Google and see what kind of trouble you can get into. Now we just need storage ideas. How do you store your yarn or fabric scraps?


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