The Smile Of A 4 Year Old (or “Why I Crochet”)

When folks find out I crochet, I quite often get a smirk or even an audible “What?”.
I don’t think, these days, most people realize that guys crochet and knit and craft too.
As I said in the “About Me” page here on Wired Yarn, I grew up in a family of crocheters and quilters. I’ve crocheted since I was a kid. Crocheting, to me, is family. It ties me into my heritage and reminds me of those no longer with us.

This last November, though, I received the ultimate validation for my efforts in yarn.
I had spent several weeks, verging on months, working on an afghan for my niece’s 4th birthday. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, so I went with a simple straight double crochet, alternating colors every six rows. I thought it would never end!

However, all my frustration at how long it took the day of her birthday party, when she pulled her afghan out of the bag, said “I Love It.” and smiled.



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