Worldwide Knit in Public Day is coming

There aren’t any local kips recorded on the website, but I’m hoping to find one soon. Otherwise, I’ll haunt my favorite coffee shop with some yarn. Worldwide Knit In Public Day is June 9-17. Is anyone meeting up?

Better living through stitching together.


I have quilts on my mind

I have quilts on my mind.

Last time I posted, which was far too long ago (sorry), I was thinking about scraps. I still am–scraps and using up my fabric stash. I also have a granddaughter due in August and I’m considering making a quilt rather than an afghan. It’s always so hot working on an afghan in the summer. Both of her sisters have an afghan from Grammy. I should have planned this better.

I know that I have a box of cut squares that was my DH’s grandmother’s stash. I’m tempted to use that up. And then I ran across this. The idea of creating a baby quilt that is based on a cityscape intrigues me. Skyline Baby quilt

I’m tempted to use the Columbus skyline, since this is her parents’ hometown, but this little one will be born in Fort Worth and will most likely move to Louisville. Columbus will be a foreign land. One of the things that sells this quilt is the map fabric. Buckeye fabric would be fun. Hmmm, I guess it’s time to shop to see what inspires me.