Geek Crossover

So, its been established that, here at Wired Yarn, we “geek” over a few topics. That’s now a given.

However, I have to say that recently, due to pure happenstance, I had a true moment of “geek” in two distinct areas at the same time.

I was in “geek” heaven, at that moment.

I, recently, through just random searches found (& for the life of me I can not find it again now) a crochet stitch called “wine stitch” that described alternating a single crochet stitch from the back loop and the front loop. The picture showed a rippled effect in the resulting piece.

I used some extra yarn I had (Loops & Threads Charisma) Navy Blue to start to create this new stitch. I decided to do a scarf.

So far, I’m geeking on yarn, of course, and my other passion – Wine, because of the stitch.

But, it gets better.

I decided to do 6 rows of the blue before switching to the same brand yarn, but “red”. When I got to the end of the 6 rows, I was actually at the end of the skein.


How often does that happen?

(I just lost the the non-yarn geeks, right??)

I felt like playing the lottery!

So, yeah, This was a total throw away project. Practice with extra yarn on a new stitch and yet it got me geeking on more than one subject at the same time!

It doesn’t get much better than this!


Sewing Saga

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!

To celebrate, I’m going to share with you my first ever sewing project!

For Christmas this past year, my loving husband bought me a sewing machine. I’ve wanted one for some time now as I try to get back to living self sufficiently and local etc. I think sewing one’s own clothes and fabric needs are a way to do this.

So, Jerry buys me this machine and I suddenly am overwhelmed. LOL So much I can do, but I don’t know how. Thankfully, my dear friend, and fellow Wired Yarn geek, Sandy, stepped in and gave me pointers along the way.

So, I set out to sew my first project – A Bath Robe

I’ve always put a nice, fluffy bath robe on all my Christmas

lists, but no one ever bought me one. So, I decided I’d make my own. I bought some nice blue fleece (Sandy said fleece was a good “starter” fabric), cut out the pattern, pinned it, cut out the fabric and then…

it sat there. I felt a little intimidated for the next step. But, Finally I took the plunge and started sewing.

I found it to be much easier than I’d worked it out to be in my head. I’m glad I finally decided to start sewing. It’s so satisfying to have a piece of clothing when you’re done that you have made yourself.

So, to celebrate National Sewing Machine Day today, either dust off the machine sitting in the corner of your craft room, or go get yourself one and begin. There’s tutorials online to help, the local craft stores are always willing to help (and some even have classes) and there’s always people like Sandy who are willing to help guide you and make sure you don’t give up.

Oh, and the final result of my first Sewing Saga?
Not too bad, eh?