Geek Crossover

So, its been established that, here at Wired Yarn, we “geek” over a few topics. That’s now a given.

However, I have to say that recently, due to pure happenstance, I had a true moment of “geek” in two distinct areas at the same time.

I was in “geek” heaven, at that moment.

I, recently, through just random searches found (& for the life of me I can not find it again now) a crochet stitch called “wine stitch” that described alternating a single crochet stitch from the back loop and the front loop. The picture showed a rippled effect in the resulting piece.

I used some extra yarn I had (Loops & Threads Charisma) Navy Blue to start to create this new stitch. I decided to do a scarf.

So far, I’m geeking on yarn, of course, and my other passion – Wine, because of the stitch.

But, it gets better.

I decided to do 6 rows of the blue before switching to the same brand yarn, but “red”. When I got to the end of the 6 rows, I was actually at the end of the skein.


How often does that happen?

(I just lost the the non-yarn geeks, right??)

I felt like playing the lottery!

So, yeah, This was a total throw away project. Practice with extra yarn on a new stitch and yet it got me geeking on more than one subject at the same time!

It doesn’t get much better than this!


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