Things that caught my eye

I’ve been using Evernote and the Evernote clipper extension for Chrome to jot down ideas for future posts. Not for WiredYarn, but for my job. If you’re not familiar with Evernote, it’s an app and a website that you can use to jot things down. It works crossplatform, so I can use it on my smartphone, my work computer and on both sides of my dual booted laptop. I realized last week that Evernote would also be handy to clip things that I saw this week that are worthy of sharing with you. Here’s where I unveil my list of things that caught my eye.

  1. 20 Inspiring Ideas for Combining Crochet and Fabric. I’m not the crocheter. Rick is, but I’ve been known to make an afghan or an amigurumi or two. However, this list makes me want to bust out my hooks and bust my yarn and fabric stashes.

    Crochet and fabric afghan

    This particular pattern is sold on Etsy by sheilalikestoknit. And OMG, Scooters!

  2. Yet another crochet project: This adorable crochet lamb.It has a Wallace and Grommit look to it.

    Baby Soft Sheep toy

    He looks like Shaun the Sheep.

  3. Not to be outdone by a couple great crochet links, the new Jane Austen Knits is out. Combining our love for Jane Austen and knitting. Brilliant!

    Jane Austen Knits Fall 2012

    Pure eye candy.

  4. A late entry from last night. This hit my cellphone while I was driving down dark country roads. Once I arrived at my destination, I was rewarded with this. Abby Scuito would love this scarf.

    Illusion skull scarf

    Not every fiction author creates knitwear to go with it.

  5. Then for something completely different. TBDBITL’s tribute to video games. This has an added bonus of the Script Ohio at the end.

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