Who Is Wired Yarn?

When I started hanging out on Twitter, my stream kept intersecting with a local event planner. Having been somewhat active in social media and online communities, I thought it was kind of novel to find someone local on a site like Twitter, so I followed him. Seemed nice enough, but over the course of our tweets, I started wondering about him. Not only was he from Columbus, he lived near where I went to college. He not only was a fan of a show I watched, he helped organize a fan fest. My online friends warned me that he was “a creeper.” So, what did I do? I met him for coffee.

My name is Sandy this is our blog where we share the things that Rick and I have in common: yarn, TV, coffee, and other general craftiness. I’ve been crafty all my life. My mother taught me how to knit when I was little. I taught myself to crochet when chain stitch ponchos were all the rage. For a while, granny square afghans were my standard wedding/baby gift. I took the required Home Ec in junior high, and my mom’s sewing machine became my good friend. I’m on my third machine. I’ve sewn and knit for my husband and sons, and now I enjoy making things for my granddaughters. I also did a stint as a costumer in local community theatre, which led to me costuming a Princess Bride wedding for friends where all the attendees got to cosplay as well.

My day job involves computers. Besides being a crafter, I’m also a geek (some might argue nerd. There is fine line sometimes). When I’m not knitting, and sometimes when I am, I’m online either visiting with my friends or working in customer service / tech support for an online fundraising software company.


I grew up in a family of crafters. My grandmother, mother and aunts all knew how to crochet and quilt. All of us cousins were taught from a young age the importance of both and how to do both. As I got older, crocheting wasn’t “cool” to me anymore, but I never forgot.

Over the past few years, I have found the importance of self-sustainability and green living. From gifts to clothing to household necessities, crochet is an awesome way to create something that is useful and will be loved to those you give it to.

I owe a great deal to my dear friend, Sandy, for rekindling this love of craftiness in me. Our friendship started by following each other on Twitter. Over time we found we had a lot in common – a common love of the show NCIS, common backgrounds in Michigan, among other geekdoms such as Doctor Who and Torchwood, Trek, etc, etc, etc. Our mutual interests led to crazy mornings over coffee before work. In time, we came to want to share this insanity with everyone else, and thus, Wired Yarn was born.

Aside from the zen that is yarn and craft for me, I spend most of my days managing a local boutique winery here in Columbus, Ohio. Wine (and coffee) is my other passion.

We hope you enjoy our madness as much as we do.



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